Kimber Images Presents

Distinct Dwellings

Showcasing Excellence in Custom Home Design

“Distinct Dwellings” is an exclusive video series shining a spotlight on the exceptional craftsmanship of architects, designers and local custom home builders. 

From avant-garde designs pushing boundaries to timeless classics, we seek partners with a distinctive touch, aiming to redefine the narrative around home construction. Through compelling narratives, we not only showcase remarkable homes but also inspire a profound appreciation for the creativity and craftsmanship shaping our local architectural landscape.


Custom Feature Video

A professionally produced video showcasing your custom home, craftsmanship, and unique story.

In-depth interviews and captivating footage highlighting the distinct aspects of your work.

Personalized storytelling that resonates with the community and potential clients.

High-End Photography

Professional high-resolution photographs capturing the aesthetic details of your custom home.

Access to a curated collection of photographs for your personal use in promotional materials, portfolios and online platforms.



We’re seeking partners for “Distinct Dwellings’ based on their innovative approach to custom home architecture and construction. Our criteria include a commitment to excellence, a distinctive touch and contributions to the architectural landscape. We value sustainability, community engagement and a timeless aesthetic.

Collaboration Details

Selected builders and architects will collaborate with our production team. We ensure a non-disruptive filming process, coordinating interviews, site visits and capturing footage and photos to portray the craftsmanship and unique stories behind each home authentically. Builders or designers play an active role in shaping the narrative, sharing insights and engaging in promotional efforts, creating a deeper connection between their brand and the audience. 

*Sample Video – Property of ArchiPro Australia

Investment Cost

You receive a three to five minute feature video plus 8-12 professionally crafted photographs for one payment of $4200

Thank you for your consideration

Thank you for considering the opportunity with Distinct Dwellings by Kimber Images. For any further questions or to begin this collaborative journey, feel free to reach out. We look forward to the possibility of featuring your exceptional work and celebrating your unique story.

Your contribution would undoubtedly enrich our community’s architectural narrative.